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Goose Control





To design an effective Goose Control plan:

Goose Proof will visit your site daily , alternating times to keep the geese from from feeling secure from predators on your site.

Our trained dogs harass the geese without ever touching them. Border Collies work silently , often in a crouched position using a stare we call " the eye". 


The geese see our dogs as a natural predator such as a coyote or a fox.  The geese then flee. Their first choice is usually the nearby pond, and our dogs just go in after them!

Controlling  reproduction is the first line of defense. Geese are imprinted to repeat their biological cycle where they were born. So preventlng eggs from hatching on site is key. 

During nesting season, we patrol the property thoroughly,searching all the nooks and crannies  for nests and eggs. We will handle the required reporting to you for your nuisance wildlife permit requirements. We  do everything within our means to clear your site of geese, and will work within your budget.

Once egg hatching occurs, the adult geese lose their flight feathers. This is called Molting. Think of it as Natures way of keeping the adults grounded with the goslings until they can safely fly.  Goose Proof strive to clear tall geese before molt occurs. However they can walk in from other sites. 


After molting season the resident geese forage for food from one green area to the next. which is why we work some properties year round. 

In the fall a report is made for your site per the requirements of the permit issued to your property. 



How Does it work?

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How Goose Proof Works

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Got Geese?

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