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Should we do a goose round up ?

Canada Goose Round Ups are done in Central  Indiana under strict guidelines set forth by the Indiana DNR.

 Geese may only be collected in a round up during their Molt season when they can't fly. The must be transported to the area designated by the IN DNR the same day they are collected, for tagging and release.


Goose Proof does not currently offer round ups. It is our opinion that moving the geese to one of these sites will not prevent them returning next nesting season. They are after all imprinted.

It can be a costly job as trailers and extra staff are required . After coordinating all the components, it is possible to get to a property and find  that there are no geese to collect!

It is our goal to have the geese cleared from your site BEFORE molting occurs, which again, is the only time allowed to move the geese physically.

We have been providing the best goose control in Central Indiana for 17 years and experience has taught us that round-ups are ineffective and usually not  a wise use of the clients money. You see geese are imprinted to return to the site they were born, to repeat the breeding cycle.  The geese that are removed will indeed return although no until their flight feathers have grown back, 


If you are still interested in a Goose Roundup, we will put you in touch with an authorized contact who can do this for you. Just give Goose Proof a call.

Goose Proof K-9 Goose Control 

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