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Goose Repellent Turf Applications

Goose Proof Indy  Goose Control

 There are several Goose Repellent turf applications on the market today.


We have tried them all!


The theory is to spray the turf with the product and when the geese eat the turf, they will have gastric distress and  stop eating the turf.

It is even treated so that the geese can readily see the product is on the turf and in theory will not even stop on your site.

 Our experience has been that the gastric distress does indeed occur with a laxitive effect. Creating a terrible mess.


 It is VERY costly  to treat large areas associated with flocks of geese and will disappear with rain or irrigation water, after a few  lawn cuttings.


It can sometimes be effective to keep geese off a small area such as freshly seeded area. But our general recommendation is not to waste our customers money.


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