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Frequently Asked Questions



How much do our services costs?

Pricing varies on the site location, size, accessibility, surrounding area, number and size of ponds and lakes. We can quickly assess your property needs and provide a free quote to you often the same day.

How long will it take to control the goose problem at my site?

It's difficult to assess the length of time. This depends highly on the site. We recommend a minimum 6-8 weeks to get a handle of the problem and change the geese feeding habits and make them migrate to another location where they are not harassed. At that time we will have a better idea of the size of the problem and then determine the length of the services.

Will the geese come back?


Geese are imprinted to return to the site they were born to repeat the life cycle. And their urge to do so, can be stronger than their fear at times. This is why we make daily visits during high traffic times such as nesting and foraging.


 In addition, geese prefer a diet of manicured lawns with a watersource nearby. We can clear a property of geese, but cannot gaurantee  that new geese won't see your site as desirable and try to move in. This is  why it is important to evaluate each season the number of geese trying to make themselves at home on your property .

Why do we see geese even in the winter months?


While many geese migrate to warmer climes during the winter months, a vast number of geese have become "resident geese "and stay year round. They prefer ponds with bubblers that allow them open water to drink and feel safe. If you have bubblers r fountains on your site, you are basically inviting the geese on in!                                       They aren't aggressive in the winter months, but are just as destructive to the turf.

 What if we have an injured goose on our property?


We are always on a quest to learn more about Canada Geese and their habits in order to better serve our clients and the wildlife as well. 

If  you find an injured goose or other waterfowl,you can contact Providence Wildlife at 317-902-DUCK (3825) .They may be able to help.

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